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Industrial ovens are used in many of today's modern industrial processes. Industrial ovens are manufactured in a variety of configurations and are used for a wide variety of industrial applications. Commonly specified uses include, Curing surface finishes such as paints or powder coatings, Drying moisture or solvents from a variety of substrates, Softening plastics prior to forming or vacuum forming Heat Sterilising of pharmaceutical and medical equipment or as a heated drum storage facility for thermosetting products such as resins, greases, jams and honey.

In principle an industrial oven can be virtually any shape or configuration. Temperature ranges can be specified from a controlled ambient of say 25°C through to 600°C. Industrial Ovens can be heated by Natural gas or LPG, Electricity, Oil, Steam and at the lower temperatures by low pressure hot water (LPHW). Most Industrial Oven types derive their description from the way in which the products are loaded or conveyed through the oven.

As the leading manufacturer of Industrial Ovens in the UK, Airflow Products Ltd have many years of expertise in the design and manufacture of all of the above types of oven and have built up a portfolio of blue chip clients whose products benefit from the temperature uniformity and consistency of output that an Airflow Industrial Oven provides.

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Industrial Ovens are used in many industries including Aerospace, Ceramics, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Domestic appliances, Automotive, Surface Finishing, Powder coating, Stove enamelling, Paint manufacture & Glass processing.

Essential Features of Industrial Oven Design
Industrial Oven design presents many unique challenges to the oven manufacturer. Temperature uniformity is of paramount importance throughout the entire volume of the oven. Products placed within any part of the oven should receive an identical amount of energy input (heating). In order to achieve this energy input, thermal insulation and air distribution hold the key to the successful processing of an industrial product. The unique high thermal resistance casing design, unique air flow configuration, superior recirculation ducting and multiple high capacity circulation fans used on all Airflow Products industrial ovens ensure that these requirements are reliably achieved.

Conveyor ovens present further challenges as they all incorporate openings to allow the conveyor and products to enter and exit the oven. These 'product apertures' require sealing to prevent the escape of heat from the oven and the consequential increase in running costs. The most effective seal is by a high speed automated sliding door or doors, which are linked to product-detecting beams. This solution is most effective on indexing conveyors, which move the product in pre-defined stages through the oven. A more common solution is to provide a fan powered 'air knife' seal. The air knife seals used by Airflow Products have been perfected over many years of development and provide a highly effective yet uninterrupted heat seal at both the inlet and exit of the oven. On powder coating conveyor ovens a special solution is required at the inlet to the oven so as to avoid the blow off of powder from the uncured products. Airflow Industrial Oven products have developed a specific solution to this problem.

Longer conveyor ovens can be divided into a number of individually controlled heated zones. By employing the Airflow 'zone control' system, products that would suffer blistering or distortion by very rapid warm up can be gently brought up to the required temperature. Conversely, high mass products such as castings can have an initial high temperature zone to force a large amount of heat into the product before entering a lower temperature soak section to complete the required process. Controlled cooling zones can also be added to provide slow or rapid cooling of the products using our Industrial Ovens.

Thermal efficiency is of growing importance as energy costs continue to rise on a worldwide basis. All current ovens supplied by Airflow Products employ industry leading materials and design techniques to ensure the optimum use of fuel and the minimisation of waste energy. Features such as heat recirculation, waste heat recovery, high thermal resistance casings and the total enclosure of all recirculation ducting within the thermally insulated shell result in ovens of unrivalled efficiency.

The definable energy benefits of specifying an Airflow Products Industrial Oven over those of our competitors have enabled Airflow Group to secure Carbon Trust Interest Free loans for many of our customers, this funding will help finance your commercial requirements and further maximise your future profits. Please consider that we are only able to secure this funding because our equipment can be demonstrated to be more energy efficient than that of our competitors.

Reasons to choose an Airflow Industrial Oven
  • Internationally recognised as the leading manufacturer in many industries
  • Unique high efficiency Thermal design minimises energy usage
  • Superior Industrial Oven design results in a very uniform temperature distribution
  • Unique High Volume Low Pressure hot air circulation system
  • Powerful 'Twin Fan' air circulation on all larger ovens
  • Airflow Ovens are specified by the worlds leading companies
  • ATEX, Rolls Royce RPS 953 Aerospace ovens regularly supplied
  • Galvanised steel, Alu-dip or Stainless Steel construction available
  • Designed for rapid heating of a wide variety of products and assemblies
  • Heating Composites, Ceramics, PCB's, Pharmaceuticals, Metals, Plastics & more
  • Pre-assembled, Test Run, Data Logged and certified before despatch
  • All Airflow Industrial Oven products are backed by a comprehensive 12 Month Warranty. After sales service and customer support is key to our business success. With our own trained Gas Safe (CORGI) Gas Engineers and qualified Electrical Engineers covering the whole of the UK the continued optimum performance of your oven is assured. Overseas customers benefit from our dedicated export support team.

We have system design and installation experience with over 30 years know-how from our internal design and manufacturing teams; we have an unrivalled knowledge of these product groups and their application within the UK and World Wide via our vibrant export market. Our expertise within these areas allows for our Industrial Oven products to be manufactured and installed to the highest standards being ATEX and ISO systems accredited.

Please browse our website for more information about our rapid specification, quotation, manufacturing, installation & after sales Industrial Oven service then contact us on 0114 2327788 to speak to one of our team or e-mail us on [email protected].