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Batch ovens are a type of furnace used for thermal processing. They are used in numerous production and laboratory applications, including curing, drying, sterilising, aging, and other process-critical applications. Sizes can vary depending on what type of thermal processing application is needed. Batch ovens are used mainly for single batch thermal processing.

Cabinet and bench ovens are smaller batch ovens, and walk in/drive in ovens are larger and to be used for more variations of industrial applications. Other types of batch ovens include laboratory, burn in, reach in, and clean process. Call us for more information on 0114 2327788 to discuss your specific Industrial Box & Batch Oven Specification or e-mail us on [email protected].

A Forced Air Recirculation Box & Batch Oven Benefits
  • Even temperature is provided by the Ovens warm air recirculation system thereby eliminating the risk of scorching a surface finish.
  • High air recirculation volumes at low pressures ensure close uniformity of temperature, with ±5°C being readily achievable.
  • The Ovens control and monitoring system can be tailored to suit the specific application.
  • Box Ovens designed and constructed by an accredited and BS EN ISO 9001 approved manufacturer will ensure compliance with all safety and operational requirements.
  • Side hinged double doors, vertical lift doors, manually operated or fully automated can all be incorporated into the Box Oven design so as to provide ease of access for trolleys, racks etc.
  • Highly efficient energy consumption - Expect large reductions in Gas usage.
Industrial Box & Batch Ovens Supplied by The Airflow Group
  • Curing the finish on a product without running the risk of it scorching, before it is fused to the products surface. As could be the case when using infrared Ovens.
  • Providing and maintaining uniformity of temperature for critical application such as in the Aerospace industry where AMS 2750 D specification and Rolls Royce specification RPS 953 are the norm.
  • Providing sophisticated yet easy to use temperature controls for the heat treatment of metals.
  • Accommodating product components that may be on trolleys, racks, shelves or multi-rail loading systems.
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