Industrial Drum Heating Oven

Our Drum Heater systems are BS EN ISO 9001 accredited. Many materials and substances used in today's manufacturing industries only become viscous at or above room temperature, notably sugars, surfactants, resins, oils, fats and a variety of chemicals.

Using a Drum Heating Oven answers major challenges because without heating, the product cannot be discharged quickly enough from the drum into the manufacturing process. Heating the drums uniformly greatly reduces the product viscosity; thereby improving flow and reducing decant time. The yield is significantly improved, with virtually no product being left behind inside the drum, thereby reducing raw material costs. Energy consumption is kept to a minimum by the incorporation of high efficiency insulation material into the Drum Heating Ovens construction. Call us in the UK on 0114 2327788 to discuss your specific Industrial Drum Heating Oven Specification or e-mail at [email protected].

Airflow Drum Heaters
  • Airflow energy efficient air re-circulating Drum Heating Ovens provide thermostatically controlled temperatures, as standard, up to 100°C
  • Manufactured using latest CAD/CAM technology to provide solutions to today’s most exacting requirements. Produced from modular components for assembly on site
  • Airflow provide customer-specific designs, fully specified and costed quotations, delivery (by specialist transport), installation, (data logged) and commissioning
  • A comprehensive after sales service

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