Industrial Process Oven

Available in a range of temperatures up to 600°C our range of Process Ovens are all pre assembled, wired and tested prior to despatch. Heating by Natural gas, LPG, Electricity or Steam is available.

Our expertise within these areas allows for our products to be manufactured and installed to the highest standards being ATEX and ISO systems accredited. We have system design and installation experience with over 30 years of Industrial installations in the UK, EU, Far East, Africa and The Middle East. We have an unrivalled knowledge of these product groups and their application within the UK and World Wide via our vibrant export market. Call on 0114 2327788 to discuss your specific Industrial Process Oven Specification or e-mail at [email protected].

Examples of Airflow Industrial Process Ovens
  • Some common types of industrial Process Oven applications include Curing, Drying, Powder Coating, Drum Heating & Baking
  • Curing ovens - Designed to cause a chemical reaction in a substance once a specific temperature is reached
  • Powder coating is one common curing oven use
  • Drying Ovens - Designed to remove moisture. Typical applications are pre-treating and painting. Such ovens are also sometimes known as kilns, though they do not reach the same high temperatures as are used in ceramic kilns
  • Baking Ovens - Combines the function of curing and drying ovens
  • Batch Ovens - Also called cabinet or Walk-in/Truck-in ovens, batch ovens allow for curing, drying or baking in small batches using wheeled racks, carts or trucks
  • Ovens such as this are often found in large-volume process industries such as Pharmaceutical applications
  • Conveyor or Continuous Ovens - Typically part of an automated conveyor processing line, conveyor ovens allow for higher volume processing
  • Clean semiconductor manufacturing or biotechnology processes
  • Room Ovens - Designed for applications requiring a cleanroom

Airflow prides itself in having the technology and freedom to provide clients with the optimal process based on sound evaluation and testing. Each Drying Oven is purpose designed to specific material characteristics to your specific requirements taking into account all the variables to ensure optimal performance, reliability and running costs specifically tailored to your component, composite material or substrate and Drying temperature requirement.

Industrial Process Ovens Supplied by The Airflow Group
  • Rigid Construction using the best components for long term performance
  • Our experience has taught us that to achieve this you need to not only understand thermal dynamics but appreciate the importance of air movement within the oven
  • We work in live situations to set up the oven to the customers specific product requirements giving optimal performance
  • Process Ovens come complete with a unique air distribution air ducting system, set off the walls of the oven unlike many of our competitors
  • Multiple dampers, vents and louvers which we can expertly adjust to achieve exceptional performance
  • All Airflow ovens undergo a stringent commissioning regime, linking multiple thermocouples to a laptop computer to obtain a telementry performance mapping of the oven

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